A Little Bit About Us

Stefan Droutis

Founder & Director
Simply Extensions & Lofts Ltd
My aim is to ensure SEL becomes the best building company for the homeowner to trust with their project. Hopefully you are lucky enough to be within our coverage area.I enjoy a challenge, like writing this mini ‘about me’ is outside of my comfort zone. Solutions to problems are what I enjoy resolving within the building spectrum. In my spare time socialising is important to me with dedicated Friday evenings to online gaming with a group of close friends. Yes I am a better gamer than Daniel in spite of my senior years.







Project Manager
Simply Extensions & Lofts Ltd
I always love to see an idea brought to reality! Working with homeowners to help mold their ideas into reality are my greatest achievements. Simply Extensions and Lofts provide me with the best teams to help deliver our client’s dream. This role really does engage all of my skills, pushes me to adapt and learn on the job. I have always loved a challenge but this role has given me direction and drive to achieve all goals.I like to think I do all of the work and regularly explain this to Stefan, who retorts his 10% input outweighs my 100%.I am part of the Friday night gaming group in which I’m the most consistent winner. Apparently this is detrimental to my career!




Project Manager
Simply Extensions & Lofts Ltd
The biggest driver for me is making people happy. Seeing clients beaming from ear to ear once we’ve completed their project and having their new home ready for them to live in makes the long hours and weeks all worth it. Being a part of Simply Extensions & Lofts allows this aspect of my character come to the fore as were are doing this week in week out. Working with a fantastic build team makes this process not only for me, but also our clients, even more gratifying. Attention to detail is probably my best attribute but can also be my worst enemy – as I can never leave anything until it meets my high standard, which is reflective in the work we do here at Simply Extensions & Lofts.
When I do have downtime it’s usually filled with quality time with my son and generally losing heavily on a ‘Gaming Friday’ night with Daniel & Stefan – But I would say I always have the moral victories!

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017 Hurlingham Studios
Ranelagh Gardens
London, SW6 3PA